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Observation Assignment with Mike

March 26, 2010 By: Asli Category: Sociable Objects

Go for a walk.  At each intersection, flip a coin to decide which direction to walk.  Observe things around you, go into buildings you walk past.  Record your observations.

E8th and Broadway

The guys on the window washing crane aren’t cleaning the windows of a 20 story building, they are painting over all the windows with white primer
Rafiqi’s halal cart in front of B of A has been upgraded to a brand new red van.

Mercer and Waverly

We are spotting lots of construction.
The crane/cherry picker is bright blue, it make Asli smile.
The italian place looks closed.  The door says they are closed because of “technical difficulties”
Alsi notes a bike that looks like it is melting into the ground.

Mercer and next block

Corner is pretty boring.  The facade of the building kitty-corner to our position is ornate and nice to look at.  Going inside to investigate the building

Inside building

Department of Economics, the outside of the building looks old but the inside looks modern with nice chairs.
There are still a few old ornate pillars from the original building decor.
The interior of the building is as big as the block.  It didn’t seem that way from the outside.
Mike realizes that he has been in this building before - for the Future of Infrastructure final presentations.
We walked a block inside the building without flipping a coin.
The guards are much happier in this building.

On Broadway and West 4th.

Everything is about construction in New York.
The scaffolding has a big first level then lots of tiny upper levels.
Notice a water tower on a distant building, it looks old and like it is about to fall over.

We notice Todd trying to sneak up on us.  After we see him, he looks confused and runs in the opposite direction. Amazing.

Inside leather shoe store on Broadway

Too many colors
Too many shoes.

Mike likes “kid” mini green cowboy boots.
Asli likes the pink Doc Martens and the fact that there is no loud music playing in the store.
There is nothing much.

Crazy flame shoes with huge buckles.

Back on Broadway

We notice that there are water tanks on almost every roof we see.
We also notice one roof with plants on the top.


Ugly more modern brick building.  Is it NYU dorms, I think so.
A lot of cool looking buildings
Guy with a shaved head and cool looking beard
Tiny graffiti on top of a building
First cobblestone street
Yellow balloons outside and around a clothing store: Why?

Alley on Bond Street

Inside a dirty alley, no one’s here
5 cars parked back to back, blocking each other
Lots of fire escapes
Windows with metal shutters that look like old dungeon doors
Lots of unused dead space in New York that artist could use as studio space
Pieces of trash bags and caution tape stuck between thorns of old barb wire
2 people come inside the alley and we leave

Blick Art store

Things on sale
Little boxes of different toys. Mike plays with one and gets the ball inside a tiny bucket inside the box
Book: Ice-cream; Contemporary Art and Culture, lip magnets, (fake) puzzle clock, Make your own comic kit
A little overwhelming
Giant foam core
Lots and lots of art supplies and stationary
Tiny little plastic containers for storage and projects
Mike gets metal lids to do laser etching on them
Book: Designing Sustainable Packaging
Lots of magazines

Bond and Lafayatte

Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapelle rip off mural (Creation of Adam)
Gold surrealistic sculptures on the fire escape of a theater company building
Giant add with LeBron James

Lafayette and Bleecker

Very busy corner with subway stop
Girls with super bright turquoise tights. Shoes have holes that made it look like she had matching shoes.
Hardware store

-=-=-= the end =-=-=-

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