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Big Screens Update

October 23, 2009 By: Asli Category: Big Screens, Inspirations

After presenting at the Crit Group and talking to other people about my project and working on it for a while, I realized that there is something incoherent about it. A lot of people have a hard time imagining the connection between the ladders and the patterns. It’s concerning me too. I’m not sure if I know how it’s going to come together in the end. I’ve been programming the patterns I like the most and it’s taking forever and not really moving towards the way I want them to. I’m struggling with the image I have in my mind. Is there any?

Couple weeks later, I’m starting to panic. In two weeks, we’ll have our midterm reviews and I don’t like what I’ve done so far.

I decided to move away from the patterns for a while now. I want to think more about what could be interesting to manipulate by climbing up and down a ladder, using the physicality of the ladder. I came up with new ideas:

  • Using Google street view to:

-walk around cities from around the world

-take snapshots and add my images onto them

-recreating street paths from movie scenes that I are special to me

[Street with a View by Robin Hewlett and Ben Kinsley]

[Google Street Views by John Rafman]

  • Choose few buildings and take pictures of each floor from outside (from an elevator or fire escape) and as you climb the ladder, you slowly rise up to the top of the building, creating the feeling of elevation
  • Take pictures of the city from each floor of chosen buildings (one including IAC) and climb the ladder to the very top
  • Take high resolution pictures of objects (books, chairs,  and try to create the illusion of climbing them, making the audience feel tiny.  [Alice in Wonderland]

It’s a Friday night and all I could think about was go home, think about and work on my Big Screens project. Also I really wanted to write these ideas down and take them out of my head and see what they sound like on paper. And to highlight that I’m slowly turning the panic knob on, aaaaaaa!

I’ll keep updating this post in the coming days and weeks..

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