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Project Proposal: City Patterns

October 05, 2009 By: Asli Category: Big Screens

From the very beginning, the two Big Challenges I wanted to explore for Big Screens were interactivity and performance. I asked these questions to myself over and over:

  • How can you engage the audience in a meaningful interaction without chaos and in a new, original way?
  • How can the interaction with the screen, with the images on the screen, with the sound and/or with the performers be fully connected and interesting?
  • What will be the role of the performers? Will the crowd be the performers or will there be separate performers that the audience can watch?
  • What are the new ways in which I can create physical, non-mobile based interaction tools? Physical computing, sound or camera vision?
  • What is going to be my inspiration? What is a content that is close to my heart, yet beautiful and plentiful? What is the content that will keep feeding the work throughout the project and keep adding something fresh to itself, even in the last week before the Big Night?
  • How can the piece be abstract and yet, meaningful and interesting to the audience?
  • How will the process surpass the night? How will the process of creating this work be more important than the performance night?
  • Adi, Filippo and I spent hours brainstorming in the past three weeks. It was extremely helpful for me to process, form and re-form my idea. Even though I’m very nervous about working on my own, I know I’m very excited to see my final piece on the screens and that motivates me a lot.

So here is what I propose:

I want to bring in New York to the screens, by way of using her countless patterns. The patterns on her ground, on her buildings, on her bridges, on her doors, on her trains.. I want to mix and overlay and remix the patterns with each other and create a collage that I will keep feeding all throughout the semester.

There are a few ways I want to create interaction, from which I will have to choose one:

  • Place 3 to 5 ladders in front of the screens. They are a reference to fire-escape ladders in New York. Have people from the audience or performers climb the ladders to control, change, warp, manipulate the images on the screen. DREAM: Control sound as well.

* Sensors: Range sensors on top or Force sensors on the steps

  • Build 3 to 5 free-standing pulley structures in front of the screens / distributed amongst the crowd. Have people from the audience or performers pull the ropes to control, change, warp, manipulate the images on the screen. DREAM: Control sound as well.

* Sensors: Custom stretch sensors

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  1. I just came across your post. Great idea and I love the patterns!
    I think it will be fun to explore patterns that are really unique to New York…

  2. Thank you Juri for the encouragement! I’m super nervous about the whole project, so comment made me very happy… Hopefully it’ll turn out well!

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