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LAB 4: Servo / Pirate Attack!

September 29, 2008 By: Asli Category: Communications Lab, Physical Computing

Pirate Attack! from Asli Sevinc on Vimeo.

“Avast, be ye ready to surrender?! Cap’n Sam Bellamy is comin’ to life and he gunna scare ye all! ARRRR!!!”

I shot and edited this clip with the Xacti camera and then added the audio to it using iMovie. I thought editing on Xacti was very easy and it was lots of fun! The quality of the video is much better when I watch it on my computer, but it gets pixely when I upload it on vimeo.

So, for the Servo-motor Lab, I wanted use this pirate set that I had bought for my nephew and then send him the video in which the pirate Cap’n Sam Bellamy comes to life!

What I did is that I connected one end of a thick, sturdy wire horizontally to the hat of the pirate and the other end to the servo motor. Initially, I wanted to make it so that the motor would be under the pirate and the wire would be vertically connected, but the motor was too weak to move the hat. The analog sensor I used for this project was a potentiometer. But what I really wanted to use was a pressure sensor. They didn’t have them in the computer store when I did my project. But, they brought some more this week and I got a bunch of different sensors; and I’m very excited about using them for my midterm project!

Here are two pictures of the circuit:

Circuit with analog input and servo motor

Circuit with analog input and servo motor

Top view of circuit

Top view of circuit

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