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LAB 2: Analog in & out

November 22, 2008 By: Asli Category: Physical Computing

Our 2nd Lab assignment was to explore analog inputs and variable resistors and to create our own Luv-o-meter!

Here is the video I took this weekend of the circuit I built using a potentiameter.

LAB 2: Analog in & out / Potentiameter from Asli Sevinc on Vimeo.

And here is the second circuit I made with using a photocell as the variable resistor.

LAB 2: Analog in & out / Photocell from Asli Sevinc on Vimeo.


I’m a lover of all kinds of deserts, especially the chocolaty and nutty and fruity and ice creamy ones (doesn’t that mean I love all kinds?)!

We usually associate eating desert with a simple but romantic date with someone we like or we love. That was the starting point for my own luv-o-meter project.

So, I created the dating game “Desert Love!”. It’s a two-person game that aims to help people who are too shy to ask someone out in conventional methods. The game board can hold 4 pictures of deserts. The person who wants to go for a desert date puts a photocell through the hole of the desert that she/he wants to eat at that moment. Then, he/she goes up to the person he/she likes and asks what kind of desert he/she would like to eat. If he/she chooses the same desert, the photocell is covered and the red LED goes on! So, if at the end of the game the red LED is on, the two can go on a date and have desert together!

For example, I’m craving some ice cream right now, so I place the photocell through the ice cream hole.

Photocell in ice-cream hole

Photocell in ice-cream hole

After that, I go up and ask the person I want to have ice cream with to choose one of the deserts I put up on my board to see if he wants to have ice cream, too. If he assumes that I’m counting calories, or he himself is counting calories and goes for the granola bar, he is mistaken! The red LED doesn’t light and we can’t go on a date…

Red LED won't turn on!

Red LED won't turn on!

I don’t give up that easily. I go up and ask someone else this time. He reads me well or he also is also craving ice cream and goes for the ice cream button.

The red LED is on!

The red LED is on!

Yes, there it is!! The red LED is on! I found my desert date and now we are ready to go eat ice cream at my favorite gelaterie!

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