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THE YAWN: Progress

November 19, 2008 By: Asli Category: Computational Media

This week, I made an outline of the ideal process for my Final project and worked out a timeline based on each step of the progress.

1. IDEA: Making the viewer interact with the computer with yawns.


a. Algorithm Pseudocode: Write a program that…

  • triggers camera and captures video.
  • records video and saves it.
  • tracks color using blob detection library.
  • starts recording when a certain color blob is detected.
  • uses the recorded video as the next video.
  • uses sound library to play pre-recorded yawning sounds.

b. Algorithm Code:

c. Objects



Based on the above process outline, the timeline will roughly be

NOV 19:

  • Start writing the algorithm codes for video capture, color detection and saving video.
  • Test the yawn video in class.

NOV 26: (No class)

  • Use the blob detection library and integrate it to the color detection program.
  • Record and add sound to the code.
  • Start building the space.

DEC 3:

  • Integrate the all the algorithm into one program.
  • Test the program.
  • Finish building the space.

DEC 10:

  • Set it up and show the work!
  • I shot a video of myself yawning and I want to test its effects on my classmates this morning in class! I’m hoping everyone will still be sleepy and my yawn will trigger many many yawns!
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