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November 16, 2008 By: Asli Category: Communications Lab, Telecommunicating

Right now, I’m acting in the short film “Hear No Evil”, by Jason, Diego, India and Dimitris. I am the female lead and now Diego is going to say hey to me, while I’m working on my laptop. (hence, this blog post is possible.) I’m going to say hey back to him and smile. This is kind of fun actually, but I much prefer acting on stage.

Oh I miss acting for theater!.. Last year back home, I was part of an amateur theater group and we put ‘Antigone’ on stage at the end of our year-long training. The whole preparation for the play and the actual performance were few of the most memorable experiences in my life.

I am Tiresias, the oracle. I have two dogs. My dogs guide me and follow me. They give me strength when I need it. I feel what is to come. I see the future. I am to give the omen to the people of Thebes. King Creon, blinded by his own ego, humiliates me. In return, I cast a curse on the King and the city of Thebes. And in the end, he loses everything he has and loves: his power, his respect, his wife and most importantly, his own son.

Greek tragedies… Maybe I should read some Sophocles this week for inspiration.

(Starting to hate that I am always on the look for inspiration and seeing everything as a source of inspiration for future projects!)

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