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I O NY: A Map of Gratitude

September 22, 2009 By: Asli Category: ISCO

I O NY is a personal map of gratitude I have for New York City. It tells 9 little stories about altruism and goodwill that I’ve experienced this past year. These stories helped me appreciate NY more for what it is and strengthened my enthusiasm to live here, despite all that happened, for which NY owes me big time.

Please follow the stories with the key that comes with the map. The stories are marked in order of my memory.

Story 1 is about a cry from the backseat of a car that made me realize that I’d dropped my green-blue silk scarf in the middle of the street, while running around to avoid getting soaked in the middle of a summer storm.

Story 2 is about a touch that saved me from breaking my neck when I was falling from the stairs that lead to the subway station.

Story 3 is about a taxi driver who helped me carry this enormous old-school desk up to my apartment that I wouldn’t otherwise be able to carry on my own.

Story 4 is about a search for a gold ring, which my mom used to wear 30 years ago, with the help of a handful of people that stopped dancing and knelt down to look for it with their cell phones during an 8bit concert. We couldn’t find the ring.

Story 5 is about a delivery guy, who went out of his way to show me how to get to the Williamsburg Bridge, when I was completely lost, disoriented, nervous and late for a meeting. (It was my first time crossing the bridge from Brooklyn to Manhattan.)

Story 6 is about a compliment that gave me confidence about my new super short haircut that I had gotten after years of having long hair.

Story 7 is about an advice that an old Polish lady gave me, when she saw me painfully scratching my Long Island mosquito bites at a bus stop. She said: “Those mosquitoes always find me, too.  Forget OFF! The best solution is Listerine. My husband is a gardener, and trust me, Listerine works better than anything.”

Story 8 is about a warning that woke me up from my jet-lagged nap on the 6th train, right before my stop, because the warner thought it didn’t seem like I’d be going up to the Bronx.

Story 9a, 9b and 9c is about a wallet that got lost 3 times and found its way back to my pocket with no loss or damage.

To make the long story short, I O NY; and this map is dedicated to the goodness of her.