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Fade Out: First documentation

May 02, 2009 By: Asli Category: Technology as Identity

My final for Technology as Identity took on a different path the last week I was working on the project. It was partly due to my limited programming skills, and the fact that I was unable to really get the effect that I wanted. (Looking at my previous video, you can see that blob detection is a ittle too flickery.) So I eventually decided to drop motion detection off and only used blob detection.

While working on it te code and building a space for the installation, I realized that I was feeling comfortable enough to interact with the piece, not only with physical movement, but also through performance. So during my presentation, I also did a little performance along with it, which I thought worked well with my piece, now called Fade Out. The Turkish words in the background dissolve slowly into English , but only those that don’t have translations stay capitalized.

I got amazing feedback from all the guest critics. I’ll write them down in depth this wee.

Here is a very first, unedited video documentation of my project. More videos to come later.

Fade Out: Documentation Version-1 from Asli Sevinc on Vimeo.